The festival has always intended to provide its audience a quality and balanced array of information, products, and services through exhibitors.  Over the years, exhibitors ranging from professional business services, retail, churches, health and social agencies, to political parties have all taken an interest in reaching this untapped market.  We believe that the loyalty we have built with these exhibitors speaks to the value they see in participating in the festival.

Each year, over 90% of exhibitors return to display their products, to roll out a new initiative, to recruit bilingual employes, or simply to build brand awareness.  The demand from exhibitors has become so great in fact, that is has afforded us the luxury of being more selective in our exhibitors such that the best products and services are being presented to festival attendees.  In addition, we have been able to diversify our exhibitors to have a more regional reach.

If you’re interested in exhibiting at Iowa’s Latino Heritage Festival please fill out our online form by clicking here.