Submitting a vendor application does not guarantee entry into the festival. If accepted, a confirmation notice and request for payment will be sent to you. Only money orders or cashier checks will be accepted for payment.

Extension Cords are the responsibility of the Food Vendor and should be a minimum of 12 gauge/3 wire and 25-foot length for your 120 volt requirements. If 220 Volt is required please indicate if ends are bare wired or provide plug identification by looking at plug face.

The vendor signing this application hereby acknowledges they have read, understand and agree to all the 2017 Latino Heritage Festival Vendor Procedures and Rules including the Health and Fire Department and the City of Des Moines requirements, and agrees to abide by the said Procedures and Rules if space is assigned to participant. Vendor certifies that all information contained in this application is true and correct. The above named company, individual, or organization and all related individuals shall indemnify and hold harmless the Latino Heritage Festival, Latino Resources, Inc. from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, liabilities, damages, losses, cost, and expenses (including attorney fees, court costs, and other professional fees) or judgments arising out of, or in connection with any claim, demand or action made by any third party, if such are sustained as a direct or indirect consequence of participation in the 2017 Latino Heritage Festival to be held on the downtown bridges in Des Moines, Iowa. Vendor fees are non refundable due to a cancellation of the festival.

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