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10 Hispanic Foods You Should Try Right Now


Pupusa is one of the most popular Hispanic foods of El Salvador! It’s a delicious handmade corn tortilla that is usually stuffed with chopped pork, cheese, beans, zucchini, and other vegetables. You can also serve this with cabbage relish and Salsa Roja. It is finger licking good. A must try for sure.


This Hispanic food recipe is very simple to make. It gives corn on the cob a completely new perspective! The corn is grilled and smoked. Then it is topped with chilly powder, lemon, and mayonnaise. You can even eat it with charbroiled chicken!


Arepas are typical foods of the Colombian and Venezuelan gastronomy, where different variations exist. For example, on the Colombian Caribbean coast, fried arepas filled with egg are prepared, in the coffee-making region, it is customary to eat arepas with cheese and butter, without any kind of filling and in other areas they are made of sweet corn and cheese.

Arepas can be considered a classic Hispanic food. They are made in small portions that make it ideal for snacking. It is an enjoyable and lighthearted snack.


Tacos are the epitome of Hispanic food culture. Most people know about this tasty treat, and its versatility makes it great for a snack or even as a full course meal.

The tortilla shells are usually filled with a variety of vegetables, meats, chicken, cheese, and even seafood if you are feeling fancy. You can pretty much put anything in it and call it a taco. It is perhaps the most popular Hispanic food that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world.


This dish is of Cuban origin. It consists of shredded beef and vegetables that mimic a pile of colorful old rags, which is why this dish was baptized as “ropa vieja,” or “old clothes” in English.

Ropa vieja is one of the national dishes of Cuba but it’s also popular in countries such as Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


The Paella originated in Valencia Spain. This rice-based dish is often served with seafood. Nonetheless, Paella can be made by combining several ingredients including rice, vegetables, herbs, beans and different types of meat.

One thing is sure, Paella enthusiasts in Spain will tell you that most Paella dishes served in restaurants around the world is not the real deal. For that, you will have to travel to Spain to try authentic Paella.


Ceviche de Camarones is an iconic dish from Ecuador. From the long list of traditional Hispanic foods,this is a must eat! It’s prepared with shrimp in lemon, orange, onion, tomato sauce, cilantro, and tomato sauce.

This type of ceviche uses cooked shrimp, unlike the traditional fish ceviche where the fish is “cooked” with the lemon juice.


Lomo Saltado is a classic fusion Peruvian dish! It is stirred fried beef tenderloin that mixes the Chinese stir-fry tradition with popular Peruvian ingredients such as cilantro, yellow chili peppers, and tomatoes. It comes with a side of gourmet fries. Its charred taste gives it the extra smokey flavor and taste that make it a perfect main course!

If you are a meat lover, then you should be adding this to your menu.


Camarones Al Ajillo is perhaps one of the most unique recipes on this list. For anyone who loves seafood, this dish is irresistible! You can accompany this dish with a vegetable salad, arroz tres delicias or tostones, and serve with a glass of white wine. These components will make the perfect Camarones Al Ajillo.


Most Latin American countries have their own version of an empanada, but they can differ in fillings, preparation style, or even their name (some countries refer to them as pastelitos), says Mesa. "Cuban empanadas are wrapped in dough and filled with ground beef, raisins, and olives, while a Salvadorian empanada [might swap] sweet plantain for the dough."

If you want to up your nutrient intake, go for empanadas stuffed with veggies like mushrooms, peppers, or even potatoes.

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