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Civic Engagement and Education Soapbox at Iowa Latino Heritage Festival

The 2021 Iowa's Latino Heritage Festival Presents the Civic Engagement and Education Soapbox Qué Pasa Iowa?

Iowa’s Latino Heritage Festival continues its efforts to connect Latinos to state and local candidates running for elected office and to ensure those candidates are listening to the largest minority group in Iowa.

This nonpartisan program within the festival provides a comfortable, familiar, and linguistically accessible space, via Facebook Live, for Latino voters and others to watch and listen to candidates and determine who will best represent their interest and can lead them into a better future.

To offer the most access to the event, the soapbox will be broadcasted via Facebook Live from 1:30 to 5:00 p.m. on September 25th and 26th. Those who are interested in watching, whether live or recorded, can through

The bilingual podcast ¿Que Pasa Iowa? and its principal owner Claudia Thrane is a partner of the soapbox and will conduct and broadcast the candidate interviews.

For more information and for candidates who wish to participate, contact chairperson of the Civic Engagement and Education Soapbox Alba Perez at

Meet the Soapbox Team

Claudia Thrane

soapbox's Parner and owner of ¿Que Pasa Iowa?

Alba Perez

Chairperson of the Civic Engagement and Education Soapbox

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